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  1. Oliver

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    Starting next week, all domain traffic thru will be directed to faithful's servers.
    All ranks will be converted over to Legacy. If you won a rank from a giveaway or crate on Cave, join (donation support) and provide proof.
    Rank conversions will take place automatically, do not join teamspeak if you purchased a rank on Cave. You will have it by SOTW.

    Rank Conversions:
    Iron --> Bronze
    Gold --> Knight
    Diamond --> Alpha
    N/A --> Chrome
    Emerald --> Master
    Cave --> Omega + $5 Voucher
    Cave+ --> Supreme
    Emperor --> Epic
    Ravine --> King
    N/A --> Legend ($125 value)

    Purchased a permanent Kit on Cave? Join donation support to claim a voucher for the same value.

    Recognize these ranks from UHCF? Well if you bought one previously, it'll be transferred over to Legacy.
    The UHCF project has been disbanded.

    Join our Discord:

    Banned or Blacklisted on Cave?
    All punishments, including blacklists are completely wiped.

    Legacy will release next Friday, October 11th at 6PM EST.
    (Convert your timezone here:


    Why did we acquire CavePvP?
    This decision was made in the best interest of Faithful and our players. We really want Legacy to prosper. Cave will give us a major player boost and bring in a brand new audience to Faithful. It's time to take things to the next level. 6 years of up-time and counting and be sure, our future is secured.

    What's next?

    Next week, we'll be tweeting out another huge announcement for Legacy and Faithful.
    Follow us on twitter and turn notifications on to stay updated.

    Legacy will release next Friday, October 11th at 6PM EST.

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  2. Escapers

    Escapers Moderator

    Hype! I'm glad I can be staff / be apart of this server, thanks for everything my friend! Keep doing what you're doing Oliver! ;)
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  3. conspirators FW

    conspirators FW Active Member

    Yes sir! Can't wait
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  4. AgroUberDriver

    AgroUberDriver Known Member

    Hype! Can't wait to return ;)
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  5. Aabes

    Aabes Moderator+ Area51 Mod

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  6. Qaos

    Qaos Moderator+

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  7. HyPer91

    HyPer91 Member

    What if we have a rank on cave and faithful?
  8. Limitate

    Limitate Known Member

    Legacy will die
  9. Upheld2

    Upheld2 Well-Known Member

    damn he really don took the server i partnered with, merged with it
    and im banned on faithful

    Big L for upheld goodluck tho
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  10. willikaa

    willikaa Known Member

    yikes (?)
  11. AgroUberDriver

    AgroUberDriver Known Member

    I don't know bout that one chief, most of the faithful players that actually have a brain/aren't new gens really want og faithful back. This is their chance.
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  12. Oliver

    Oliver Owner

    Read the thread lol
  13. Oliver

    Oliver Owner

    Let's gooo
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  14. conspirators FW

    conspirators FW Active Member

  15. AgroUberDriver

    AgroUberDriver Known Member

    Better hook me up with that legend bb <3
  16. Hayh FW

    Hayh FW Active Member

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  17. Oliver

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  18. Cozyyy

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  19. conspirators FW

    conspirators FW Active Member

    Omg @Hayh
  20. AlexTsuki

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  21. Hayh FW

    Hayh FW Active Member

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  22. AgroUberDriver

    AgroUberDriver Known Member

    Will you bring back the OG keys (Silver, Ultra, Faithful, and the seasonal key)
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  23. Oliver

    Oliver Owner

    Yes fucking sir
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  24. AgroUberDriver

    AgroUberDriver Known Member

    Let’s get it :)
  25. AaronTheGamer77

    AaronTheGamer77 New Member

    Did you not think about the fact that people that play cave play it for it’s P2W aspect, so making it not p2w won’t increase the playerbase at all? Just add kits cause that’s why I played cave, please reply oliver
  26. Upheld2

    Upheld2 Well-Known Member

  27. Oliver

    Oliver Owner

    Play speed then haha

    Legacy will still be OP, minus the kits.
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  28. conspirators FW

    conspirators FW Active Member

  29. ItsJoran

    ItsJoran Active Member

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  30. OhLachlan

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    Hyped :)
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