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    SUMMER SOTW (Week #2)
    Saturday June 8th at 1:00 PM EST

    (Convert your timezone here:
    Vote on various server polls at

    Reset Info:
    Speed EOTW takes place Friday (6/7) at 5 PM EST
    Powers SOTW takes place Friday (6/7) at 6 PM EST
    Speed SOTW is Saturday (6/8) at 1 PM EST

    Event Schedule:
    Conquest takes place Sunday at 1 PM EST
    Citadel takes place Monday at 2 PM EST and 5 PM EST
    End Conquest takes place Wednesday at 2 PM EST and 5 PM EST
    Citadel takes place Thursday at 2 PM EST and 5 PM EST
    Conquest takes place Friday at 3 PM EST

    Changelog and New Features:
    • Custom+ has released! store
    • Brand new queue system, much more efficient and faster paced.
    • Finalized tokens and tournaments on Kits/Practice
    • Many minor bugs patched
    And much more to come soon....

    Each of our partners will be actively playing and recording on Speed:
    - DJTasty
    - BroMC
    - MaverickYT
    - Refusing
    - Audimatic
    - Fancy
    - NiceRefill
    - Eimoh
    - Gankah
    - Traqqing
    - Whyli
    - SevenCPS
    - Headed
    - ArcherHCF
    - and KothSpeed!

    Summer Update Giveaways (End This Weekend):


    Powers SOTW
    • 20 Man, 0 Ally
    • Protection 2, Sharpness 2
    • Archer, Miner, Bard, and Miner
    • 10 Minute KOTH Caps
    • 20 Minute Citadel Cap
    • 200 Point Conquest Cap

    Speed SOTW
    • 8 Man, 0 Ally
    • Protection 1, Sharpness 1
    • Archer, Miner, Bard, and Rogue enabled
    • 10 Minute Citadel Cap
    • 5 Minute KOTH Caps
    • 150 Point Conquest Cap

    (Speed & Powers)
    1st Place $30.00
    2nd Place $15.00
    3rd Place $10.00

    (Join Donation Support to claim rewards)

    Purchase brand new Legendary God Kits here:

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    Oliver grrrr you stole my first post xD
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    Taliban pearls soon? ;3
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    HYPE, woooooo!
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    Hype! :D
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    There’s 2 times the Miner class enabled on powers
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    The map ended, you commented on the wrong thread xd

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