Announcement Summer Update Week #10 - All servers and bans reset!

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    Practice SOTW
    Friday, August 2nd at 3:00 PM EST

    Kits SOTW
    Friday, August 2nd at 5:00 PM EST

    Speed SOTW
    Saturday, August 3rd at 1:00 PM EST

    (Convert your timezone here:
    Vote on various server polls at

    All Bans and Servers Reset!
    Practice, Kits, and Speed will all reset this weekend in celebration of the 10th successful week of our Summer Update! Players are encouraged to redeem their
    payouts Friday in teamspeak before SOTW's. Additionally, all bans will be wiped on Friday at 10 AM EST.

    Speed Event Schedule:
    Conquest takes place Sunday at 1 PM EST
    Citadel takes place Monday at 2 PM EST and 5 PM EST
    End Conquest takes place Tuesday at 2 PM EST and 5 PM EST
    Conquest takes place Wednesday at 2 PM EST and 5 PM EST
    Citadel takes place Thursday at 2 PM EST and 5 PM EST
    End Conquest takes place Friday at 3 PM EST

    Brand new Abillity Items!
    NEW Lumber Axe - Break Tree's after mining one block! (fixed)
    NEW Grappling Hook - Cast and swing yourself where the rod lands!

    Fast Pearls - Throw these pearls with no cooldown!
    These items can only be found in August Crates which can be purchased from our store Saturday.


    Speed SOTW
    • 3 Man, 1 Ally
    • Protection 1, Sharpness 1
    • Archer, Miner, Bard, and Rogue enabled (max two per fac)
    • Custom Enchants
    • 5 Minute KOTH Caps
    • 10 Minute Citadel Cap
    • 150 Point Conquest Cap

    • Brand new Nether, Hub and OG Builds are back!
    Brand new August Crate and Seasonal Gkit!

    Kits SOTW
    • 30 Man 0 Ally
    • Protection 1 Sharpness 1
    • Diamond, Archer, Rogue, Builder and Bard enabled
    • 5 Minute Koth Caps
    • 10 minute Citadel cap
    • 150 Point Conquest cap
    • Koth/Conquests Crates Revamped!

    Double Tokens enabled for the 7 days after SOTW!

    Practice SOTW
    • We're bringing back the Archer ladder!
    • ELO leaderboards will be visible in spawn (1.7 to view)
    • View players inventories when spectating in unranked
    • Tournaments will be pushed if they're ready in time for the release.

    Huge payouts for top elo players in ladders BuildUHC and NoDebuff!

    1st Place $200 voucher and Custom+ Rank
    2nd Place $150 voucher
    3rd Place $100 voucher
    4th Place: $50 voucher
    5th Place: $30 voucher

    (One winner per ladder only will be rewarded)

    1st Place $30.00
    2nd Place $15.00
    3rd Place $10.00

    Prizes applicable for Speed, UHCF, and Kits.
    (Join Donation Support to claim rewards)

    Each of our partners will be actively playing and recording on Speed:
    - SuchSpeed - will now be recording on Speed!
    - ZMCNikolai - will now be recording on Speed!
    - MaverickYT
    - Refusing
    - NiceRefill
    - Eimoh
    - Gankah
    - Premieres
    - Whyli
    - SevenCPS
    - and KothSpeed!

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    Lets gooo!
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    Would be lovely if I wasn't blacklisted for something that I never did :/
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    Cant wait!
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    You gonna unban people if they pour milk and sugar over their heads this update?
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    I'll do that I cracked 11 eggs on my head for $$$ it hit 1.8k views
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    Hype!!!! love you ollie
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    Killa I must congratulate you

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    lets go
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    I'm excited!
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    best russian staff :)
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    fuck this 3man shit
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    no uhcf again? WHYYYYYYYYYYY?
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    the polls are on discord btw.
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    H Y P E.
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    Touch Killa?
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    Might as well remove some partners such as Premieres, Whyli, SevenCPS, and KothSpeed legit never on faithful lol
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